Export Management - Create New Markets

The export services of Rooba Enterprises are quite extensive and include:

  • Foreign market research
  • Marketing strategies
  • Foreign distribution
  • Logistics system development
  • Foreign sales management a
  • Import/Export shipping logistics
  • Foreign language translation services.

Why should you use Rooba Enterprises?

  • We enable your company a faster entry into foreign markets.
  • We handle shipping details, insurance, customs forms, export licensing, and all relevant export documentation.
  • You will limit your startup expenses associated with expanding internationally.
  • We've developed a unique system to manage international distributors to market your products overseas.
  • We eliminate your risk of doing business abroad.
  • We travel, meet face-to-face with our customers and see first-hand their needs and marketing efforts.
  • We broaden your customer base.
  • We offer the depth of experience and have the sense of responsibility to help grow your export business.
  • We believe in partnerships.  When you grow, we grow.  Our clients are our top priority.
  • We constantly research and appraise market conditions overseas, and provide useful feedback to our business partners to incorporate in their marketing, and product development plans.
  • We attend trade shows, develop advertising programs, and translate materials.
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